by Romen Rok

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Full length solo rap album from Romen Rok.


released May 29, 2010



all rights reserved


Romen Rok Brooklyn, New York

Romen Rok is a producer, MC, and artist in both the visual and performance sense. He is originally from Providence, RI but now resides in Brooklyn, NYC where he spends his time making music, gardening, reading, cooking, and attending art classes at Brooklyn College. ... more

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Track Name: Romen Rok - Never Too Much
I ain't G'd up, I ain't thugged out
The only time I'm ballin is when I'm crying my eyes out
It's a sad, sad world ain't it?
When everything around you remains heavily tainted
This fast food life's very complicated
Got me pissing out my ass, or I'm constipated
And muthaf***ers don't wanna stop with the toxins
I know a few who lost their life to Oxycontins
It's pretty sick what a few bucks does
For a quick buzz, It's never enough, can never adjust
How you gonna walk when you're stuck With one foot in your mouth and the other in the mud, digging a rut
A ticking time bomb perfectly configured to self destruct
And blow shit up, No that's not what's up
I know too many who sleep and never woke up
Choked up, Fell in a coma over the dope stuff

Apply myself daily, keep the resources close by
While most guys got closed minds going on ghost rides
They fall victim and buy anything that's advertised, the
media got you thinking you're running out of supplies
Consumers have gone loony, but it's of no suprise
They can't see the $ signs spinning in the joker's eyes
I ain't taking a part in all that brain rot
I'm very thankful of the things I ain't got
I seen the truth shine down on Dick Cheney's bald spot
It said, "Jesus Saves....at Walmart"
I roll back my eyes at the sight of their lower prices
How can people get ecstatic over something so lifeless
My only advice is to spend more
Quality time with your family, that's priceless
And definitely more righteous than wasting
Your hard earned cash on something that can't last

We need less getting and more giving to the
young and innocent living in the city of lost children
Where no affection, no connection, and no direction
Got them all wearing a vacant emotional expression
Let's throw em back in the saddle of opportunity
For they are the future leaders of our community
Education, sports, art, and entertainment
Create intellectual edifices of information
Let's take a vacation from all the hating
Find happiness through tranquility and occupation
Stay true, cause fibbing just ain't living
Honesty, it's the first chapter of the book of wisdom
As said by Thomas Jefferson
Inspired by the bright ideas that beckoned him
A new direction we need to start stepping in
Peddaling the positive so negative will never win
Track Name: Cuckoo Nest
Your freshman attempt, I laugh at it
Say you can kick a rhyme, but you can't even kick a bad habit
Like spitting, like cursing, like lying pathologically I ain't buying your bad verses
See these crumbs in a cypher, mad nervous
Cuase hay ain't got no bars , they got bad service
This shit I'm hearing just be making me upset
They putting meet sleep with poison like I'm a bad pet
Somebody need to put these babies in their bassinets
Rappers got no skills now just hip fashion sense
Enough of that though, I don't wanna sound whiny
Laying in the rain letting inspiration fly by me
Life goes on so I'm mowing the lawn
Got to cut back the weeds or the going feline is gone
Each rhyme is hand harvested and picked fresh for you
Straight from my spaghetti brain Dewey Decimal

One flew east
One flew west
Romen Rok flew
Over the cuckoo nest
Say cuckoo cuckoo, Mama
Say cuckoo cuckoo, Papa

Restore your health, eat more alkalizing vegetables
Always keep a glass of cold fresh water next to you
Purified and filtered, health is essential
Crystal clear and clean, my body is my temple
No posh recipe kick, I keep it simple
It's a must that my finishing touch be done gentle
Since mean mugging causes pre mature wrinkles
I'm cheesing, staying happy, showing my cheeky dimple
I stay laced, covered in E40 sprinkles
You knocking out Rocky? Thats a bunch of Bullwinkle
Ain't nothing sweet or soft about me I'm a green banana
My shit ain't for little bitches, I ain't Hannah Montana
Nasty with Grammar like Grandpa
Rhyme stinky as a hamper full of wet tampons
Signed and sealed with the 37 cent stamp on
I'm propelling on your people so be careful of R
Chickens looking at me with a sensual stare
Cause my delivery is more fly than Fed Ex Air
If your looking for good looking Hun than check right here
I got the "Good Lovin For Ya" I pinky swear

One flew east
One flew west
Romen Rok flew
Over the cuckoo nest
Say cuckoo cuckoo, Mama
Say cuckoo cuckoo, Papa

This ones for you I baked a cake and made a hit
So before you take a bite you better let it sit and cool a bit
I ain't the bomb, I'm the fire running through the wick
You just the lame sitting duck with the newest kicks
Attempt to pull a trick and you'll be slapped
Move back, everyone of my raps is "Booby Twapped!"
Get on your mark and try to take me on the track
You got a better chance finding Rhode Island on the map
So improve or prepare to part with what you got to lose
I'll be taking everything besides those corny alligator shoes
Cause Rahlo don't dress like Metro Sex
Never had to sport a faux hawk to get that pinky wet
Feel the effects of my Weapon X
Like arms on Garnett, I let my slinky stretch
I make a mess in my cuckoo's nest
I walk Large, Ya'll are taking Bill Murray baby steps

One flew east
One flew west
Romen Rok flew
Over the cuckoo nest
Say cuckoo cuckoo, Mama
Say cuckoo cuckoo, Papa
Track Name: Runnin' With Scissors
I run with the rhythm and drum roll with the punches
Accustomed to bust over nothing but percusiion
Joe Beats production, Yuck it's disgusting
Diggin deep in the dungeon looking for something bumpin
Incompatible with those who malfunction
If they cant learn then fuck em, I got to flunk em
From the jump I've been ripping up up the junction
Bare knuckled beatdown, alligator tough skin
Buzzed off the gummy berry juice that I'm guzzling
Hustling, bustling through the city cussing
Got a bakers dozen of rhmyes in the oven
I bake them like the muffin man with tender lovin'
Confident enough to mean mug Jim Duggan
I'm ready to brawl with the tall Paul Bunyan
I'll take a big bite out of a raw, red onion
It's nothing, I got a hundred thousand fans buggin

Runnin' with scissors

Put your hands up high, come on get up
Put your hands up high, come on
Put your hands up high, come on get up
Do the Big Lebowski

Get ready to show down, I'm coming from Pro-Town
I step with a low brow, I rap and I'm real proud
No suckers will be allowed to come with a weaker sound
You wanted to battle but your starin at ur sneakers now
Hush like a pantomine, now you a fan of mine
When I'm autographin a million fans stand in line
So all praise me, the grade A+ MC
Tearing your vicinity and causing more than a frenzy
My enemies better be ready to settle the score
I'm so bad I got sneak in heaven through the back door
No one can rip the verbal Boa Constrictor
You weaken and wimper, Watch out, Timber
So relax before you collapse into a relapse seizure
I'm way to funky for an odor eater
And even my own boss be calling me Boss
Cause I make love to the canvas like Bob Ross

Runnin' with scissors

Put your hands up high, come on get up
Put your hands up high, come on
Put your hands up high, come on get up
Do the Big Lebowski
Track Name: Crash Test
I stay busy as a bee stuck in a bucket of molasses
Above the average, A wise cabbage patch kid
Classic, stretched out pimp Cadillac shit
I major in arts and craft classes
Hold vision like Ben Franklin's glasses
Dangerous like when bleach splashes
I travel on a twisted labyrinth with a cast iron rap
I attack with more force than a wolf pack
Take aim with an itch finger
And slap the paper crown off a Burger Kinger
Cause I'm a very very bad sinner
A glad bag full of bitter the foul scent in your cat litter
Be careful around me I'm a klepto critter
Get your whole face pulled back like Joan Rivers
I'm so with it was born privileged to spit slick
I'm terrific and think vivid
If you say, "I'm growing as an artist", that means your garbage
You know a rappers falling off when he's acting honest
Fuck a straight line, I like to cut corners
Cut throats, pink slip em cut out my conscience
People always saying I should keep the peace, please
I've stood knee deep in beef since I was three feet
So Clack, pull your chamber back and clap to that
I got a lung full of phlegm and twenty in my pack
I breathe deeply like an asthmatic weever
And lean lazy like the building built in Pisa
Spilling my guts just not giving a fuck
Kid you just got snuffed and now your talk turned tough?
I can turn a friend into a foe, or a fan
into a band wagon following fan giving me blow
It's not about how you say what you say
It's all about what you say like Brother J
But this is not protected by the red or the black
But the green, I like my pockets fat not flat
I'm from the state of the hopeless and its so hard to leave
When your stuck in the gutter like a batch of dead leaves
I always gotta find a way to hop out of the slump
Cause depression can lead you to a bridge to jump
I ain't trying to be a chump but it's tough in the dump
Why you think kicko's out here blunted and drunk
I gotta keep it moving kid, I can't relax
Gotta make shit happen like drinking Exlax
And life can get all up in your ass
When ass gets up min your life Some chickens
Wanna fuss and fight cause they ain't fluffed up right
Mascara running as she puffin on pipe
If you ain't feeling me, what the fuck you feeling?
If you aint feeling me, then Fuck your feelings
And to the rest of the suckers that ain't vibing Romen Rahlo
Well, Fuck you too, and I ain't talking about Bono
Track Name: Einstein's Dream feat. Moe Pope
I bend space and time, defy the laws of physics
Twisted chillin in the fourth dimension with the lizards
Breaking circuits in parraleel universes
Skim the surface of the galaxy like silver surfer
Caught in the madness between chaos and havoc
Decompress the static find balance through the mathematics
Pro create, spitting power out my protein vessel
Split an atom like Dr. Hyde and Mr. Jeckyl
You wan to be in the mental state that I'm in?
Then, crack an hallucinogen in your tonic and gin
Be prepared to slip into a pitfall
To piece your puzzled self back together like a jigsaw
As you chill at the bar sipping on a cosmo
I watch the God's give birth to new Cosmos
You can't cram what the black hole swallows
Absorb more knowledge than the eyes on a young owl
It's time to rethink everything that you know
Since scientists dropped the ball on the ex planet, Pluto
We never walked on the moon yo, They faked it
No man can withstand the Van Alan radiation
I wonder should we still persist
to analyze the equation that the Mayan calendar predicts
Or is time just a sleight of hand?
A practical joke played by the magic man

There is no me
There is no you
No facts, No proof
No absolute truth

Ain't nothing the way it seems
When your swimming in Einsteins Dream

Hi, I'm that guy, I'm the one
I'm the captain on Pluto with the gun
On the corner, I'm here to warn ya that I've arrived
Touch it and you might die, Bleed Yo
Fry in the heat, Sleep, Drown in the ocean
My heart who sparks a thought unspoken
Inhale the smoke Pope provoke the hopeless
Pony Boy Curtis and John verse the Socs
Mighty mouse goodness, look this here's mean
I'm about to smack a dude, the beat intervene
The steam bubbles and pops into a tops built
To keep us under the ground but we pound the filth
God willing, the project kid is top billing
If not I'll orbit the moon until they soon feel em
If not I'll orbit the moon until they soon feel em

There is no me
There is no you
No facts, No proof
No absolute truth

Ain't nothing the way it seems
When your swimming in Einsteins Dream
Track Name: Any Word feat. Beaxionaryo
I can rhyme any word
With the word, word
Word Kid? Word
Are you sure kid?

These herbs say they gonna put me out, they got some nerve
Come on kid, that's never gonna fly like Big Bird
Differed rhyme style, never seen never heard
Like a peace sign thrown between the Turks and Kurds
My competition flops, Romen Rok's absurd
Split them in two like a box of Nerds
Spray my dominant scent, the girlies are lured
They attracted to my glamor, glamor glow worm
Never been dusted but I'm too wet to burn
Make my dreams happen like Shirley and Laverne
So hold you r horses, don't interfere with Oliver
You'll get lassoed and drop kicked with a cowboy spur
I eat my veggies so I deserve dessert
Get better with age like a single malt reserve
Till the day sun, moon, and planet Earth converge
The God's will be served platters of rhyming words

I can rhyme any word
With the word, word
Word Kid? Word
Are you sure kid?
Track Name: The Feed
I build with the villain children
in the vacant basement
Blood covers my apron,
Blood covers the pavement
Blood covers my slaughterhouse,
you see its quite sacred
Seven sins live in this house here
If you into my realm then though shall fear
This is a safe haven shelter for the demons
and weird Beings who ain't treated fair,
like their hearing and seeings impaired
Society be flipping cause I'm different,
They ain't trying to listen to a cannibal killer's vision
Everybody got a hobby and mine is eating up bodies
So what, Leave me alone, I don't bother nobody
Besides the bodies I body
and they dont amount to nobody
Take a look at Frank, my last victim
I did a little bit of research before I vicked him
I found out he would come home
from the bar late at night
And while he was liquored up
he would rape and beat his wife
And after that he would sneak into his daughter's room
And do devisish things to his daughter, too
So, I ended up doing this good world a favor
I knocked on his door and said I was his neighbor
I asked him if I could borrow some eggs and bread
He said, "Fuck Off!" so, I axed him in the head
And Dragged the savage beast back to my palace piece
Chopped up his body, kicked back and had a feast

So What, I like to eat people up
Ain't Nothing wrong with that
You'll be safe from me if you do good
But, you'll be dinner if you do bad

There's a lighter side to me
you see I'm sensitive and smart
But its tearing me apart
to see these evil people problem start
Thank God I learned to turn my anger into art
Cheffing up some body parts while listening to Bach
Chopin, Beethoven, Amadeus Mozart
I find beauty in watching the wilted flowers rot
I take a stroll through the toxic, polluted parks
And feed the mutated fish my delicious dish
Then, flip a coin in the water for a wish
Hoping to re adjust the malicious way it is
I sit in silence in my room during gloomy afternoons
Awaiting patiently for my muse's signature tune
I wish good people would accept the way I am
I'm just like them a hardworking, God fearing man
Yet, society don't want to see this side of me
They think that Spiderman is gonna rid all immorality
Ignorance is blessedness, true indeed
So I bite the mouths that feed on gluttony and greed
Yet, to the righteous I deliver God Speed
I only eat those who play real
in the land of Make Believe

So What, I like to eat people up
Ain't Nothing wrong with that
You'll be safe from me if you do good
But, you'll be dinner if you do bad
Track Name: Lou Diamondz Forever
When Big Lou stepped in a room shit was on and poppin
He stuck out like the braids on Pipi Longstocking
He was the Webster's definition of good people
Everytime he gave you dap
he do it like he's really glad to see you
And his rhyme style was straight up retarded
Infact he was the main influence on how I got started
Hazardous Material was in the mix
They put me on to Organized Konfusion and L.O.N.S
Big up to the Elmwood Ave. crew from the Diddy City
Always kept it gritty with a style that was hot to death
I was a young kid learning how to rep
Looking up to them, wanting to connect
Big Lou, he was the glue of the social structure
Down with everybody, real chill motherfucker
Quick witted, in a cipher always snapping jokes
Had everybody laughing they balls off when he spoke
But, he was a serious man with a serious plans
Had the Rhode Island Ruff Ryders chapter in his hands
All they way up from Miami way up to Brooklyn
Dude was motivated
he always had something cooking kid

I see you shine
One wheelie to the sky
Diamondz are forever
Your Legend is never gonna die
That's why I know of
Nobody that's built tougher
Word to Mother
Kid, I love you like a big brother

I remember having conversations
on the phone with him
Told him my album was coming out
I want a song with him
He was like, Yea you know I'm down for whatever
Now my eyes burn red
cause we never got to get together
Why does life got to bitch slap you in the face
Why can't you dodge God's unexpected ricochets
There's no answers in the realms of the unknown
Besides one minute you're here, the next you're gone
I live in fond memories of my nigga Lou
Stay flaco, papo like a jiggalo do
My deepest condolences go to all his friends and fam
Louie D will always be remembered as a great man
One thing that I definitely learned from this brother
Is how to connect, build and reach out to each other
Create movement, just like Lou was always doing
You gotta set yourself a goal and start pursuing
Louie D will always be the life of the party
In this moment of time, I miss you more than anybody
So say cheers and raise your beers to the sky
To one of the most solid guys ever alive
Track Name: Golden Boy feat. Blak Lungz
Over the mile high pile of Styrofoam and plastic garbage
I see a charming silhouette of Micky D's arches
With this pretty image now branded in my iris
I can't view the damage of the slash and burned forests
War is upon us, Iran's ready to bomb us
Third world people are starving, they got no crops to harvest
The army's putting bullet proof armor on us
But, no one's safe from the blast by the suicide bombers
All the Colanapins in the world can't calm us
It's gonna take more than KRS to stop the violence
I say save the planet, but I know I'm too pompous
I need my Ipod and my swoosh marked garments
I look good but sometimes I feel retarded
It just ain't right to be adorned with all this garnish
It's nonsense, I try to make myself a promise
One day day I'll go green and start living with the Amish
Yea right, You'll never catch me riding horses
Peep me in the new Hummer 3 looking bronze and gorgeous
Till I'm buried in a platinum plated coffin
I'll keep my dough folded and soft skin golden

I'm going tanning
Cause if you buy three visits
Then, you get one free

I'm going tanning
Now all the pretty girls like me

Cause I'm


I care about my tan line homey, not what Al Gore's into
Pass me the Panama Jack with the SPF 2
Coconut flavor making me smell so sexual
Now your girlfriends my new BFF, too
Oh No, the whole in the ozone just got bigger
Cause my old cell phone just got thrown in the shitter
Hippies looking at me like they ate something bitter
They just jealous they ain't got a blue tooth headset transmitter
To stay connected with the A-list in crowd
I got the text, I know that going green's the new black now
It's difficult to wear an eco-friendly face
When my expensive taste needs space for excessive waste
I handle money because I can't handle the truth
What else am I gonna do if I'm not out spending loot
When I think about the problems of the world I feel uncouth
Thank God I got a warm safe place in the tanning booth

I'm going tanning
Cause if you buy three visits
Then, you get one free

I'm going tanning
Now all the pretty girls like me

Cause I'm

Track Name: Laughter feat. Gavin Castleton
laughter truly is the most effective medicine
its evident this audible expression is benevolent
providing nutrition to any child's brain development
its impossible to hold your guard its elements
contagious to any conversation that it plays with
you tried to hold a straight face but couldn't take it
once it get a grip of you there's no way you can shake it
it makes you feel good even when you fake it
its quite easy to do its very basic
just open up your lungs and let it out buck naked
chuckling, giggling, buggin, and snortin and gruntin
if you cant get me to do any of that, then you ain't saying nuthin
I see you there, mean muggin and frontin
while im chillin, pushing on the pillsbury boys belly button
Laugh until it hurts, Laugh until we cry
Laugh until we all fall down and dies

laugh untill it hurts like crazy
laugh untill we breakdown baby
laugh untill we fall down and cry

laugh untill it hurts like crazy
laugh untill we breakdown baby
laugh untill we fall down and die

there's no known side effects its a harmless addiction
In fact, its been proven to boost your immune system
the soothing therapeutic massage for the tension
it relieves the stress help you regain perspective
increase the flow of my creative juices
there's an infinite list of positive things it produces
let yourself go lose all control
from young to old theres no reason for excuses
careful when you're joking at social affairs
if you laugh to hard you just might spoil ya under-wears
this uncontrollable outburst of air
is the only feeling thats truly beyond compare
its such a healthy habit so I gotta have it
laugh hard till I die like the weasels from roger rabbit
happy happy, joy joy, laugh, joke, make magic
be sure to stitch this thread into your life's fabric

laugh untill it hurts like crazy
laugh untill we breakdown baby
laugh untill we fall down and cry

laugh untill it hurts like crazy
laugh untill we breakdown baby
laugh untill we fall down and die
Track Name: La Posta feat. Iluminate
Iluminate's lyrics coming soon...

Buen Dia, Romen Rok live at the parilla
cutting rappers up with the dull meat clever
step and get fried quicker than milanesa
Cremated and buried in Recolleta
My modern pop art is to hot for the MALBA
With the bombilla sip mate y ague
cuidado, peligro, bro no toca
my super pancho stuffed in your girl's boca
move around the city, underground like a subte
got a mic in one hand, in the other got a Quilmes
This bright, sunny, summer day in th BA
Make me wanna postpone my flight and further my stay
I gotta go though, peace Iluminate
Keep it lock down till I come back with the laves

North America, South America connect
Providence to Buenos Aires share respect
Share bread, Share love and intellect
Posta!!! Catch wreck like we supposed ta
Track Name: Rotate
I see people at the bar drinking beers saying cheers
Yappin bout the moves they gonna make
but go no wheres
I give them pounds though and wish em the best
Cause negative energy is unnecessary stress
As the positive activates I feel refreshed
Ready to collect the bounty like Bobafet
Adapted to the scene quicker than Johnny Depp
Attracted to the crowd ready to interact
Mastered the art of kickin like Ronaldinho or Maradonna
Do it to the death with honor like Che Guevera
Bare the fruits of labor off the tree the suns facing
And give back to my people
like the Bill Gates foundation
That's about as real as it gets
More real than any 24 karat diamond baguettes
People are vexed pre-occupied with violence and sex
Out to chase fast money and a pre-Madonna complex
Sun Rise, Sun Set, cause and effect
Pause for a moment, then step

I'm an aggravated fish, a flounder, traveler
Flap my fins fast don't wanna get ate
Or caught up in a net and served on a plate
Just chasing my tail, doing a figure eight
I wont bite off the bait, I got to route my escape
Jump out the water, Splash, Rotate

I save big, spend little, go global
While most people stay in debt and stay local
I want to see the world, They want to go to Sea World
And see Sea Lions clap and catch fish
I got a hundred better things to do on my wish list
Then to get my head all dizzy at Disney
Its hard to do the right thing and hold tight
When everybody's in a rush to get to a red light
The modern man got the spirit of a traffic jam
Backed up for reasons that I dont understand
I tell em let it go, They say hold it down
I want something new, they all homeward bound
They say get a grip or go homeless
As I start to weigh my two options I cant focus
I'm covered in the dirt brushed off of God's shoulders
And it's great to be a beautiful mess no one can notice


I pack my suitcase up with
nothin but colors and countries
Glide off the global acces and travel humbly
Attitude fresh and brand new, never bummy
Keeping company, having a blast
without a load of money
They say relax but the sun cant chill
When the days run away like wild horses over the hills
Can't stand still brother, got to blast off
Got many more stamps to put in my passport
Playing leap frog, connecting the dots at each spot
Explore this planet rock till my feet blisters pop
Indulge in the foreign flavors most would rather not
Keep an open mind to reduce the culture shock
Travel through Peru over to Pnomh Penh
Check my brother Humble T, down in San Fran
Sorry I got to go it's been a pleasure to be friends
I promise it won't be long before we say hello again
Track Name: Ribs
All I want is some ribs to eat
Some cornbread and some ribs
Smelling that Wes' Rib House
All I want is that collard green
All I want is that teriyaki
All I want is them ribs

(You know what I'm saying? So It's kinda shitty)

All I want is that Mac and cheese
All I want is that factory
Wes' rib house is the shit
Ribs, Ribs, Ribs
If I had some money
I'd drop it on ribs with
Honey and teriyaki


I love that pork

I love that pork

All I want is my ribs
All I want is my ribs

(Booyah, full rack, half rack)