Self Portrait

by Romen Rok

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just can't relax need to inspire action
resist all laziness step forward fashion
playing hard ball stand tall as an obelisk
Hittin harder than Marvin Hagler because I'm marvelous
it ain’t about what you, do it’s why you do it,
my motive is to motivate those flow fluid
perceive the world imperfect so Rome solve problems
always find purpose say no to violence
Rome go to war with the world's word police,
but first we feast on a heap of hyperboles
grubbing on sandwiches of ancient languages
wanna debate Rome take on all challengers
I’ll adjust quick to the convo assimilate,
vindicate truth hold honor
focus on emotion emphasize effort,
elegant elephant prints on your memory
steadily stay stoic strolling on the boardwalk,
soaking in the sunset working on my warlock
invisible forces throw us off courses
so I bushwhack new path metamorphosis
value uncertainty shovel through the surface
accept no mercy against evil that versus
Romes the head gardener pulling out weeds
keeping things in order
if you pioneer they they'll label you pariah
you can't cook dinner if you don't set fire
explore higher grounds settle down never,
against all odds go hard Helen Keller

here’s a little snapshot just a self portrait
of who i am, where i stand, how i slam
i’m just a man trying to master a plan
tend to my land till i make a hunnit grand

versatile skill to embrace vulnerability
let your guard down contact with humility
alleviate pressure inebriated never
intoxicate your temple then we relate lesser
multiply styles add on exponentially
bubble up on rhythm Rome flows effervescently
conjuring up recipes developing new delicacies
eloquently peddling magnetic energy
pick up a new hobby your music sound lousy
barge right through you homeboys gronkowski
balancing a proper diet fresh produce shall suffice
stay baking baking bread its the mainstay of modern life
organic audibles causing orgasms
thoughts so deep jack handy can't fathom
step the fuck off my intellectual property
or be approached with force like sperm on ovaries
potent as a carcinogen that cause cancer
ask right questions if you want wrong answers
most people carry heaps of excess baggage
theres too much garbage for Sanford and Son to salvage
Rome emits light thats incandescent
reach out further than the Star and crescent
so many rappers are packing weak punches,
whats the use of rhyme without practical functions

here’s a little snapshot just a self portrait
of who i am, where i stand, how i slam
i’m just a man trying to master a plan
tend to my land till i make a hunnit grand


released February 18, 2016
written and produced by Oliver Scampoli



all rights reserved


Romen Rok Brooklyn, New York

Romen Rok is a producer, MC, and artist in both the visual and performance sense. He is originally from Providence, RI but now resides in Brooklyn, NYC where he spends his time making music, gardening, reading, cooking, and attending art classes at Brooklyn College. ... more

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